Cost of ads: benchmarks

Reinstein, FB ads tied to fundraisers.

Note: this information is subject to change; updated ~ Apr. 2022

My costs have been:\

  • about $0.01 per impression

  • about $0.50 - $1.20 per click

Targeting at Universities ... Facebook's estimates

The estimated cost per impression (?‘reach’) and per click varies with the targeted audience. In general, narrower is estimated to be more costly. I think this is about ‘a larger audience allows FB to serve the ads to a larger number of people who tend to be click-happy’ Some data points:

  • For Oxford, ‘In College’, living in the UK: They claim we will get 4-18 clicks per day for $50 per day over 2 days (29 Mar 2022 check on FB ads manager)

  • If I put in Birmingham instead I get a fairly similar figure.

  • If I remove the only-one-university narrowing, it gets cheaper. They claim I’ll be able to get 86-250 clicks per day for the same cost …

Meta allies

Research advancement manager: Michael Zoorob

EA groups (employees) within Meta

If you run a lot of ads FB will assign you external consultant helpers. They are somewhat helpful, but they don't seem to know everything.

FB tips for charities/fundraisers

28 Nov 2022, Zoroob:

Meta has just released a recorded series of videos (Meta’s Nonprofit Advertising Education Series) to help non-profit organizations meet their year-end fundraising goals. Some of these materials may also be helpful for researchers using Meta ads (e.g., materials on designing effective ad creatives), so I am passing the info along. Blurb below.

The three-part series of virtual webinars provides nonprofits with advertising training and best practices around how to use Meta technologies to further their missions:

Advertising Basics: Get started with Meta advertising with our Nonprofit Advertising page today.

The session also features On-Facebook Donation Ads that enable donation transactions within the Facebook app.

Creative Best Practices: Learn what great nonprofit creative can look like with best practices from Meta.

Consider saving our Creative Considerations guide to learn more about the five key creative considerations that apply to cause-driven campaigns.

Measurement: Introduce yourself to measurement best practices on Facebook and Instagram! Afterwards, explore split testing, lift measurement, and the experiments tool, on our Advertising Measurement hub.

Visit our website to view resources to help your organization drive more positive change, and do more good.

These and other videos for non-profit advertisers can be found on the "On-Demand Video Library."

Facebook ads interface (collecting data)

Facebook split-testing issues

Facebook Fundraiser API Seems particularly useful but access is limited; they hope to make it more generally available some thing like mid- spring 2023.

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