👋Meet the team

We are a group of researchers and practitioners across a range of fields (Economics, Psychology, Marketing, Statistics) and organizations, particularly those interested in effective charitable giving and effective altruism. This is outlined in the Airtable (invite link), with embedded views below.

As individuals and organizations, we are goal-driven and impact-driven: we are in this to improve the world, particularly through directing funds and support to the most effective rercauses and interventions. Because we share these common goals, we are better aligned for collaboration than typical academics and charitable organizations. We have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate, learn what works, and 'move the needle'.

We are actively collaborating with the following organizations (links indicate publicly reportable trials)

80000 Hours

Giving What We Can

Charity Elections (run by GWWC)

One For the World (OftW)

The Life You Can Save

University of Chicago Effective Altruism (group)

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