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Other tech

Airtable, Slack, etc.


Airtable is an online database that is user-friendly and social. We are using the airtable "GWWC+ testing/trial ideas" (ask david reinstein for edit access) to keep a simple listing of key elements and structured information; in conjunction with this Gitbook.
The first table in the airtable (picture below) explains all the other tables
A good way of starting with Airtable/databases is to think
  • These are just a bunch of spreadsheets or individual ‘data sets’; I’ll treat them as separate for now
  • Nice, it’s a bit easier to quickly add entries if I choose single or multi-select field types , or checkboxes
  • Hey look, if I make this a “Link” field type can easily add rows from sheet B into sheet A, that’s cool!
  • I can also ‘create new rows in B while adding them to A’
  • Cool, sheet B now has a column indicating where it has been entered into sheet A
  • Hmm, sheet A has stuff on it that is not relevant for our partner; let me create a simpler ‘view’ of sheet A filtering out rows hiding columns that are not relevant to our partner