Tools and trials: overview

See, and coalesce ideas from the links below (and more)


Here, we propose methods for grouping, organizing, and categorizing these tools for motivating effective giving and action:

  1. Theoretical frameworks --> tool categories

  2. Certain outcomes are relevant to some tools only

  3. Atheoretical 'trying different marketing colors' and tools that push several buttons

Existing categorisation

As well as

Some tools and tests of high-interest (overview, quick presentations)

Nick Fitz: "some quick types of different tests/questions EA orgs are interested in"

  • identifiable victims vs statistical (etc), (DR: Some groups have principled objections to presenting identified victims; which ones do not?)

  • emotional vs factual/statements,

  • videos v images v text,

  • positive v negative valence,

  • opportunity v obligation,

  • cause areas (Not sure what exactly this meant)

  • different framings for specific EA orgs

    • e.g., for GWWC they want to test 1% v 10% pledge asks,

    • for CES they want to test saving-democracy v representation messaging,

    • for Humane League they want to test different types of animals, etc)

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