Academic Paper Ideas

A description of our most promising academic paper ideas based on the opportunities we have so far

Why list these here? By identifying specific hypotheses (for an academic paper), it will help:

  1. Generate ideas for non-profits to test

  2. Avoid indecision about what ideas to try

  3. Keep those of us with academic publishing incentives motivated

In sum, to give us some direction and focus.

Current ideas for papers are summarized in this google doc embedded. The document is divided into:

  • one section for each idea we have fleshed out, so far... (at Oct 23, this includes):

    • shared community insight framing

    • Donor responses to “quantitative ‘per dollar’ impact information” and presentations of this (DR added)

    • warm glow (DR: 'internal reward) from effectiveness

  • a list of others' ideas and general themes we have yet to flesh out

  • some classic ideas we could test (as an alternative to developing novel hypotheses)

Here's the doc: (link HERE to edit or comment within)

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