Literature: animal advocacy messaging

DR: How people respond to animal advocacy ads and what appeals to them more? XXX redacted

David Moss Lots of things like this on Faunalytics

Meat consumption appeals etc (?)

Michael St. Jules

There was no clear trend showing which tactics were most effective. Among the top ten, some used writing, pictures or virtual reality to show the suffering of animals on factory farms. Others added information about the health and environmental impacts of factory farming. Still others gave specific suggestions on how to eat less meat or discussed laws to improve how animals are treated on farms.

There was no clear trend showing which psychological strategies were most effective, although many different strategies were employed. Tactics often employed descriptions of how eating meat is becoming less normal, the emotions of farm animals, individual victims of factory farming, comparisons between farm animals and pets, and specific suggestions for how to eat less meat.The journal-published version:

Michael St. Jules This is a re-analysis of one of the earlier studies the community has done on messaging:

Some other older research (XXX redacted):

DR: Thanks. But I guess this stuff was mainly trying to appeal to the general public. XXX REDACTED I think the group that is being targeted is rather different.

Anytthing in the above seems specifically relevant to this, like stuff trying to get people who are already interested in animals to pursue it more seriously?

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