Awareness: RP, etc.

Note that RP is not a 'part of this Market Testing team', but we want to coordinate with them and benefit from the survey and profiling work they are doing/have done. I try to map/link the space here.

RP: "How many people have heard of EA" survey

Asks respondents to tick terms and people that they are familiar with (EA/non, real/rare/fake). If they have heard of EA, we follow-up with open-ended questions to detect actual understanding. We also ask about socio-demography and politics. Administered to a ‘national sample’.

(We will follow up with attitude surveys among those who have heard of EA.) We use Bayesian models to generate the posterior distributions of

  • share who know/understand EA within different groups,

  • weighted to be nationally representative (of each group).


Wild Animal Welfare/Suffering attitudes

Various survey projects ongoing

EA Attitudes and Longtermist Attitudes

  • Developing measures of attitudes towards EA/Longtermism

  • Conducting large national surveys looking at predictors of these attitudes (including differences across groups)

  • Standard ‘message testing’ (what arguments/framings work best for outreach (including differences across groups)


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