Video ads/Best-practice guidelines

Opinion: Digital marketing is under-utilized in EA: JS Winchell Post

Videos - Facebook

JS: My YouTube video best practices are here, but note YouTube is a very different platform than FB/IG (sound is on 98% of the time, no scrolling, you have at least 5 seconds to hook their attention, ads are much longer)

Youtube seminars

Email from JS:

The YouTube team holds quarterly workshops to explain how best to build and use your organic (not paid) YouTube channel. Based on previous discussions it sounds like this is something that might be of interest to your orgs.

Note: This is aimed at beauty and fashion brands but I'd imagine 80% of it would apply to GWWC/80k/1ftw

Agenda for the workshop:

  • Explain why YouTube is crucial for your brand identity

  • How to claim your narrative on this platform

  • Reach and engage new and existing audiences through content

  • A review of channel best practices

  • Enhance your channel's search and discovery potential

  • Develop an always on strategy

Register your interest for future workshops here.

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