YouTube Remarketing

GWWC youtube remarketing campaign (trial)

See also the cross-organization notes on advertising, google, youtube, etc (=placeholder for now) and the tips on Doing and funding ads

YouTube Remarketing

July 20, 2021: GWWC launched a YouTube remarketing campaign. That means that when someone goes to the GWWC website, leaves, and then goes to YouTube we show them one of the following videos:

Algorithm decides which video to present to people.

Understanding assignment, proposing experimental design @Joshua Lewisโ€™s questions:

Q: Is each video assigned to a different situation or are videos randomly chosen to be displayed? If the latter, you could randomize videos by location and see if the different videos were more or less effective. Alternatively, just randomizing the whole campaign seems like a good idea to me....

A: Videos are selected based on the likelihood of the user watching >30 seconds (by the algorithm) ... randomization by individual will be hard because users don't click and act right away. Instead I think we have to randomize by geography

Results summary (Early, JS Winchell; may need update)

Most important takeaway: It costs $1 to get a website visitor to watch 1h of your videos! High level metrics

  • Cost: $205

  • Views: 6,071 (a view is when a user chooses to watch >30s of an ad)

  • Total watch time: 223 hours (~$1/h)

  • Unique viewers: 4,937 (this is an estimate)

  • Average impressions per user: 5.8

  • View rate: 20% (20% of the time people choose to watch more than 30s)

  • CTR: 0.37%

  • Average CPC: $1.83

  • Conversions (users spending >30s on the website): 2

  • Thinking: 'This is not a good tactic for driving site traffic or donations (although we could optimize for this instead if we wanted)'

Interesting observations\

  1. Efficiency has significantly improved over 3 weeks

  • Cost per view has gone down from $0.05 per >30s view to $0.02 per >30s view

  • Views have increased 75% without increasing budget (from 220/day to start to 386 yesterday)

  • You can see this data by video if you are interested to control for video length

  • E.g., 5% of people chose to watch the entire 13 minutes of _this video

3. Your best video had a view rate (% of time people choose to watch >30s) twice as good as your worst video 4. You can see view rate by age, gender, and device in the "Analytics" tab

  • For the 13m video, older people and men were more likely to choose to continue watching

Possible next steps

  • Could add "similar audiences" which is when we let Google use machine learning to find people similar to your website visitors and also show ads to them

  • Could walk David Reinstein and Joshua Lewis through the UI so they can get a sense of the metrics/reporting available and how it could be used for research

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