Giving What We Can

Luke Freeman is the lead contact.

Giving What We Can's mission is to make giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. GWWC has updated their 2022 strategy. They are looking to significantly increase their marketing activity by producing videos, funding ads, and conducting systematic and robust research. As such there will be a large crossover between our work and theirs. This section highlights our collaborative efforts.

Presentation: overview

Ideas and opportunities

We want to learn from existing work, run tests on the GWWC platform, and support research into this.

Stages of the funnel:

  1. Awareness & Consideration

    Increase casual visitors and raise curiosity

  2. Conversion & Acquisition

    Donate or pledge to donate

  3. Retention

    Fulfill and report pledge

  4. Advocacy

    Promoting GWWC to others

Some key questions

  • โ€œWhat should the call to action be for the casual person in the funnel?โ€

  • Testing all parts of funnel/pledge journey; website, welcome messages/welcome packages, reminders and thank-you's

Completed studies: See sections below

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