Collecting outcome data

For a trial to yield insight, we need to be able to track and measure meaningful outcomes, and connect these to the particular 'arm' of the trial the person saw ... (if they saw any arm at all)

Notes from conversations (need explanation)

In this section we discuss how to see the results of your promotions and trials, and how to access data sets of these results that you can analyze.

Aside notes on modes of testing and tracking
  1. Tracking: See a page, track action afterwards

  2. Putting ads on Youtube and testing click through

  3. Geographic segmentation: Targeting zip codes and looking at activity from zip codesโ€ฆ

Other approaches include time-series and difference in difference in response to switching on or off the ad, trial, or page content. Nick: Branch and Amplitude/apply/segment ... to track someone throughout the whole funnel

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