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What's been/being done, what do we know?

"Innovations in fundraising" earlier work
Innovations in fundraising ‘knowledge base’ and ‘Experience of workplace activists’ … was the knowledge sharing I tried to get going (as you can see, not very much was shared)… as an academic, with very limited funds. I also worked a bit with George Howlett at CEA on his ‘Workplace Activism’ project.For this part of the project I was focusing on
  • How to get your organization to support effective charities (or at least, not limit their generosity to local causes)?
  • E.g., I tried to put together a database on FTSE-100 firms that offered giving incentives, and whether these were ’EA-promising”
  • How to get a fundraising event or giving game going within your org.
Consideration: Key obstacles/questions for workplace action
"Format questions:"
  1. 1.
    Which audiences
  2. 2.
    Who (internal/external)
  3. 3.
    What formats? Fundraiser and a talk or just one?
Workshop, giving game, etc?
Workshop: a guided discussion ... why do you give etc. "I want to help more" etc. Workshop/worksheet. Philanthropic goals The 'five whys'? Keep asking why and they sometimes get down to base suffering. 'Guiding but not leading'.
Next to consider: "Opportunities" (to 'do', measure, learn) ... we should make an inventory here

Discussion space

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