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Editorial management and paper intake: Kotahi

14 Nov 2022: For now, only managers/editors and authors will interact with this page. We plan to adapt it to become the interface for evaluations as well.
13 Dec 2022: Moving in this direction
Currently, the majority of our process is not done through Kotahi. We would need funds to make a more bespoke interface.

Host for Kotahi: Cloud68

Domain name: should take people to dashboard page (or login if necessary)
Will change this to: 14 Nov 2022-- the login page is taking people to the wrong place for now

Output from evaluations goes to...

Gets into a single account:
This is essentially a workaround database. We are not using the full features of yet. See this slack thread/this Gdoc for the thoughts and progress on this.
As we often use Gdocs, see "Docs to md conversion" tips

Main public curated space:

Group in preparation:
Goal: get to redirect here
Expected to be ready in early December 2022.
Last modified 8mo ago