UJ Team: resources, onboarding

This page should explain or link clear and concise explanations of the key resources, tools, and processes relevant to members of The Unjournal team, and others involved.

19 Feb 2024: Much of the information below is out of date. We also plan to move most of this content to our internal (Coda) system

See also (and integrate): Jordan's 'Onboarding notes'

Management team and administrators

The main platforms for the management team are outlined below with links provided.

Slack group and channels

Please ask for group access, as well as access to private channels, especially "management-policies". Each channel should have a description and some links at the top.


Please ask for an invitation. is an interactive online relational database. Only our management team and selected others

Each of the 'tables' in the Airtable is explained in the first ('readme') table...

The Airtable is serving several functions at the moment, including:
  • Project management (see "broad_goals" and "tasks" tables)

  • "CRM" & external comms (see "people-orgs", "participants_etc", "org-link", "text_templates", ...)

  • Editorial/evaluation management (discussed below)

  • Data storage ("output_eval")

  • Surveys and internal discussion/consensus ("questions", "responses")

Going forward, some of these functions may be replaced by other tools

Read: Unjournal Airtable Guide (Google Doc: internal access only) for a concise understanding of what you need to know and use most. Feel free to ask sidebar questions.

Watch: Unjournal Airtable Overview (Dropbox: internal access only)

11 Oct 2023 partial update:

  • Divided the airtable into two airtables, one focusing on research and evaluation, and the other focusing on everything else

  • We're moving task management to ClickUp (nearly set up, onboarding soon)_

  • Much of the evaluation management process will be moved to PubPub (coming soon, we hope)

  • ClickUp may also be used for much of the internal knowledge base content, including much of the present "Management details" Gitbook section.

GitBook (edit access optional)

See Tech scoping

Management team: You don't need to edit the GitBook if you don't want to, but we're trying to use it as our main place to 'explain everything' to ourselves and others. We will try to link all content here. Note you can use 'search' and 'lens' to look for things.


Access to the PubPub is mainly only needed for doing 'full-service evaluation manager work'.

Link to our PubPub page

Google drive: Gdocs and Gsheets

Please ask for access to this drive. This drive contains meeting notes, discussion, grant applications and tech details.

Link to our Google Drive

Open Collective Foundation

This is for submitting invoices for your work.

Link to our OCF account

Advisory board

The main platforms needed for the advisory board are outlined below with links provided.

Slack group and channels

Members of the advisory board can join our Slack (if they want). They can have access to private channels (subject to ) other than the 'management-policies' channel

Airtable: with discretion

Advisory board members can be given access to our Airtable, but subject to . Before adding an advisory board member to the Airtable, please move any content related to their own research, their evaluation work, their job application status, etc.

Short of full Airtable access, AB members they may also be given specific access to 'survey links' and key views.

Open Collective Foundation

This is for submitting invoices for your work.

Link to our OCF account

Evaluation managers/managing evaluations

In addition to the management team platforms explained above, additional information for how to use the platforms specifically for managing evaluations is outlined below.


To use Airtable for evaluation management please see this google doc. The section is titled "Managing evaluations of research". To find this in the google drive, it is under "forms_templates_tips_guidelines_for_management".


Link to our PubPub page

For details on our current PubPub process please see this google doc. To find this in the google drive, it is under "hosting and tech".

Open Collective Foundation

This should be used for payments for evaluators. Please see the link below for how to do this.

Fiscal hosting and expenses

Research-linked contractors


Guidelines for evaluators


Guidelines for evaluators


  1. Airtable: Get to know it's features, it's super-useful. E.g., 'views' provide different pictures of the same information. 'Link' field types connect different tables by their primary keys, allowing information and calculations to flow back and forth.

  2. Airtable table descriptions: as well as by hovering over the '(i)' symbol for each tab. Many of the columns in each tab also have descriptions.

  3. Additional Airtable security: We also keep more sensitive in this AIrtable encrypted, or moved to a different table that only David Reinstein has access to.

  4. Use discretion in sharing: advisory board members might be authors, evaluators, job candidates, or parts of external organizations we may partner with

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