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Impactful Research Prize Winners

The Unjournal is delighted to announce the winners of our inaugural Impactful Research Prize. We are awarding our first prize to Takahiro Kubo (NIES Japan and Oxford University) and co-authors for their research titled "Banning wildlife trade can boost demand". The paper stood out for its intriguing question, the potential for policy impact, and methodological strength. We particularly appreciated the authors’ open, active, and detailed engagement with our evaluation process.
The second prize goes to Johannes Haushofer (NUS Singapore and Stockholm University) and co-authors for their work "The Comparative Impacts of Cash Transfers and a Psychotherapy Program on Psychological and Economic Wellbeing". Our evaluators rated this paper among the highest across a range of metrics. It was highly commended for its rigor, the importance of the topic, and the insightful discussion of cost-effectiveness.
We are recognizing exceptional evaluators for credible, insightful evaluations. Congratulations to Phil Trammell (Global Priorities Institute at the University of Oxford), Hannah Metzler (Complexity Science Hub Vienna), Alex Bates (independent researcher), and Robert Kubinec (NYU Abu Dhabi).
We would like to congratulate all of the winners on their contributions to open science and commitment to rigorous research. We also thank other authors who have submitted their work but have not been selected at this time - we received a lot of excellent submissions, and we are committed to supporting authors beyond this research prize.
Please see the full press release, as well as award details, below and linked here: