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Governance of The Unjournal

Updated 11 Jan 2023

Administrators, accounts

The official administrators are David Reinstein and Gavin Taylor; both will have control and oversight of the budget, administered through the Open Collaborative Foundations, and we may bring others into this account access.

Roles: Founding and management committee

Major decisions are made by majority vote by the Founding Committee (aka the ‘Management Committee’). This communication and these votes occur in the management channel of our Slack group. There is no ‘quorum’: we generally wait three business days to collect opinions/votes, unless there is greater urgency

Roles: Advisory board

Advisory board members are invited to all but a few channels of our Slack group (all but the management group and some groups involving selection of papers to review and evaluators). They are kept informed and consulted on major decisions, and relied on for particular expertise.
Advisory Board Members: Advisory board