Sciety is essentially a hub for curating the sort of evaluations that Unjournal aims to do. Users can access research works that have been publicly evaluated.

There are several initiatives of public—and sometimes journal-independent—peer evaluation, including around two dozen groups listed on Sciety, such as the Biophysics Collab, Rapid Reviews COVID-19, and E-Life. However, these are nearly exclusively in biology and related areas.

Sciety's mission:

Sciety’s mission is to grow a network of researchers who evaluate, curate and consume scientific content in the open. In doing so, we will support several long-term changes to scientific communication:

  • Change peer review to better recognize its scholarly contribution

  • Shift the publishing decision from editors to authors

  • Move evaluation and curation activity from before to after publication

Our community-driven technology effort is producing an application that can support the changes in behaviour required to secure this future.

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