Fiscal hosting and expenses

Open Collective Foundation

Fiscal host: Open Collective Foundation ("OCF"), which is a collective within the Open Collective ("OC").

Our OCF page is

OCF is dissolving. The Unjournal will be moving to a new legal status. We will announce this change once it has been finalized.

Submitting and paying expenses/claims

Anonymity and payments: Evaluators, please use a pseudonym or the "salted hash" code we shared with you.

As our expenses on OCF are all visible to the public, if you request payment for an evaluation (even if you are signing it), please use a pseudonym for your profile name. (Use either the 'salted hash' we've provided, or make one up and tell us this pseudonym in other private correspondence.)

For good measure, do not indicate the name of the paper in the expense claim.

However, please do note "Evaluation of research material" in the "statement of work" section.

Why do we suggest anonymity for invoicing evaluations even if the evaluator is making their identity public?

We may wish to pay different base amounts for hard-to-source expertise or specific requests. We also intend to give prizes and incentives for strong work. In general, we want to be transparent and to explain and justify our choices, including these payments. However, if people claim payments on the OCF page and see others were paid more (or less), they might initially find this unfair. We don't have a clear way to explain the context on that page, thus I thought anonymity would be preferrable.

Why do we call it a 'salted hash'

The 'hash' itself represents a one-way encryption of either your name or email. We store this information in a database shared only internally at The Unjournal. If you are asking for full anonymity, this information is only kept on the hard drive of our co-manager, operations RA, and potentially the evaluator. But if we used this anyone who knows your name or email could potentially 'check' if you were the person it pertained to. That's why we 'salt' it: we add an additional bit of 'salt', a password only known to our co-managers and operations RA before we encrypt it. This better protects your anonymity.

After you obtain your hash, or inform us of your pseudonym:

  1. Under the brief information about The Unjournal, there are a few tabs; there is a tab on the right-hand side called “submit expense” that you need to click.

  2. Following this, you will need to login/create an account. This is very straightforward; it just requires you to add your "salted" hash/pseudonym as your name and an email address with no password.

  3. In your profile settings, be sure to add your "legal name." This is only visible to the Unjournal admins and is not public. If not, you may be contacted separately by OCF asking you to do this.

  4. Afterwards, you can fill in all your information about how you would like to be paid and using which account (details of filling in your payment information can be viewed below).

  5. We then approve the expense and pay within 7 days of our approval.

Request payment from The Unjournal. Expenses will be processed once approved by a Collective admin. The amount, description, and your profile name are public, but attachments, payment details, and other personal info is kept private.

Payment information

  • If making payments by Wise or Bank Transfer, you will . The box below shows which information is required.

What bank/payment information?

Type: ABA [or?] Account Holder: name


Abartn: ?????????




Post Code:

First Line:

Legal Type: PRIVATE

Account Type: CHECKING [or ?]

Account Number: ...

Additional invoice information

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