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Content overview

A "curated guide" to this GitBook; updated June 2023
You can now ask questions of this GitBook using a chatbot: click the search bar and choose lens.

Key sections and subsections

Learn more about The Unjournal, our goals and policies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For authors, evaluators, etc.
Explanations & outreach Writeups of the main points for a few different audiences
Why Unjournal? Some key benefits of the initiative and our approaches, with links to deeper commentary
Our policies: evaluation & workflow How we choose papers/projects to evaluate, how we assign evaluators, and so on

Other resources and reading

Parallel/partner initiatives and resources Groups we work with; comparing approaches
What is global-priorities-relevant research? What research are we talking about? What will we cover?

Detail, progress, and internal planning

These are of more interest to people within our team; we are sharing these in the spirit of transparency.
Plan of action A "best feasible plan" for going forward
Grants and proposals Successful proposals (ACX, SFF), other applications, initiatives
UJ Team: resources, onboarding Key resources and links for managers, advisory board members, staff, team members and others involved with The Unjournal project
Note: we may move some of this 'internal interest content' over to our Clickup knowledge base.