Reinstein's story in brief

I was in academia for about 20 years (PhD Economics, UC Berkeley; Lecturer, University of Essex; Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter). I saw how the journal system was broken.

  • Academics constantly complain about it (but don't do anything to improve it).

  • Most conversations are not about research, but about 'who got into what journal' and 'tricks for getting your paper into journals'

  • Open science and replicability are great, and dynamic documents make research a lot more transparent and readable. But these goals and methods are very hard to apply within the traditional journal system and its 'PDF prisons'.

Now I'm working outside academia and can stick my neck out. I have the opportunity to help fix the system. I work with research organizations and large philanthropists involved with effective altruism and global priorities. They care about the results of research in areas that are relevant to global priorities. They want research to be reliable, robust, reasoning-transparent, and well-communicated. Bringing them into the equation can change the game.

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