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Peer Communities In

The Peer Commuities In organization (PCI) and the Peer Community Journal, a diamond open access journal, have considerable overlap with The Unjournal model. They started out (?) as a "recommendation system" but now have established the PCI Journal to "publish unconditionally, free of charge, exclusively, immediately (as soon as possible) [and on an opt-in basis] . . . any article recommended by a PCI." Each PCI has its own policies.
Especially relevant to The Unjournal are these aspects of their program:
  • The standard "recommender" model has an approved recommender volunteer to play the role of managing editor for a paper and make the decisions; authors are consulted to recommend reviewers.
    • This might bring up concerns about conflict of interest, e.g., I become "recommender" for a friend or for the stuff that supports my agenda.
  • There are 17 "Peer Communities in" (i.e., research areas)—mainly in life sciences (some seem to have just started; there are no public preprints up).
  • Authors must submit work.
  • They (opt-in) "publish" the article rather than being an "overlay journal," to improve their indexing possibilities (but this is opt-in; you can also submit elsewhere and there are "PCI-friendly" journals).
  • They depend on volunteer evaluations.
  • Their evaluation is 0/1 and descriptive rather than quantitative.
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