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I (David Reinstein) am an economist who left UK academia after 15 years to pursue a range of projects (see my web page). One of these is The Unjournal:

The Unjournal (with funding from the Long Term Future Fund and the Survival and Flourishing Fund) organizes and funds public-journal-independent feedback and evaluation, paying reviewers for their work. We focus on research that is highly relevant to global priorities, especially in economics, social science, and impact evaluation. We encourage better research by making it easier for researchers to get feedback and credible ratings on their work.

We are looking for your involvement...


We want researchers who are interested in doing evaluation work for The Unjournal. We pay evaluation, and we will award further monetary prizes for the most informative evaluations. Right now we are particularly looking for economists and people with quantitative and policy-evaluation skills. We describe what we are asking evaluators to do here: essentially a regular peer review with some different emphases, plus providing a set of quantitative ratings and predictions. Your evaluation content would be made public (and receive a DOI, etc.), but you can choose if you want to remain anonymous or not.

To sign up to be part of the pool of evaluators or to get involved in The Unjournal project in other ways, please fill out this brief form or contact


We welcome suggestions for particularly impactful research that would benefit from (further) public evaluation. We choose research for public evaluation based on an initial assessment of methodological strength, openness, clarity, relevance to global priorities, and the usefulness of further evaluation and public discussion. We sketch out these criteria here, and give some potential examples here.

If you have research—your own or others—that you would like us to assess, please fill out this form. You can submit your own work here (or by contacting Authors of evaluated papers will be eligible for our Impactful Research Prizes (Pilot phase prizes: $2500, $1000. Post-pilot prizes are likely to be larger.


We are looking for both feedback on and involvement in The Unjournal project. Feel free to reach out at

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