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Automating reminder/response emails

Boomerang (for managing editors)

Just wanted to let any managing editors know about a way in which you can automate your reminders to potential evaluators to save time and headspace. It is using a google chrome extension called Boomerang. We can do this using their free service.This method means you can write your reminder email at the same time as your initial email and schedule it to be delivered a period of time after the original email (maybe 10-14 days) if no response is received. If they reply, the scheduled reminder will be cancelled automatically.These are the instructions:\

  1. Compose and send the email first. Send as though it is a normal email.

  2. After sending, look in sent folder.

  3. Click reply to the email that was just sent.

  4. Write out your reminder email.

  5. Click send later and tick “if no reply” and choose the time you would like it to be sent.

  6. Click confirm.

Hopefully this saves some time, especially if you reuse a generic reminder email format.The instructions I’ve shared are for use with gmail but you can also do this with Outlook.


Cryptpad for evaluators etc

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