Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General FAQs

What is The Unjournal?

We organize and fund public, journal-independent feedback, rating, and evaluation of academic work. We focus on work that is highly relevant to global priorities, especially in economics, social science, and impact evaluation. We encourage better research by making it easier for researchers to get credible feedback. See here for more details.

Does The Unjournal charge fees?

No. The Unjournal does not charge any fees. In fact, unlike most traditional journals, we compensate evaluators for their time, and award prizes for strong work.

We are a nonprofit organization. We do not charge fees for access to our evaluations, and work to make them as open as possible. In future, we may consider sliding-scale fees for people submitting their work for Unjournal evaluation. If so, this would simply be to cover our costs and compensate evaluators. We are a nonprofit and will stay that way.

Is The Unjournal a journal?

No. We do not research. We just commission public evaluation and rating of relevant research that is already . Having your work evaluated in The Unjournal from submitting it to any publication.

How is The Unjournal funded? Is it sustainable?

We have grants from philanthropists and organizations who are interested in our priority research areas. We hope that our work will provide enough value to justify further direct funding. We may also seek funding from governments and universities supporting the open-access agenda.

I have another question.

Sure! Please contact us at

Specific FAQs

For research authors

Suggesting and prioritizing research

Evaluation (refereeing)

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